School Vision Statement

Academic excellence is PS 170’s ultimate school goal. The following are the values we uphold in the pursuit of our goal.

  • Love for children and respect for teachers are the core values of the school community.
  • Curricula aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards are instructional prerequisites.
  • Instructional practice should reflect the major shifts of CCLS and aligned to Danielson's Framework for Teaching.
  • Instruction should provide multiple access points to meet the needs of and to be cognitively challenging to every child including English Language Learners and Students with Learning Disabilities.
  • Teacher development should be supportive, differentiated, criteria-based, self-initiated, and lifelong.
  • Well-rounded education, including arts, physical, health, and social education, highlights the school’s curriculum.
  • Parents are the children’s first and lifelong teachers and their involvement in their child’s education is key to their child’s success.
  • Embracing cultural diversity empowers parents and students and nurtures respect in the school community. We should create a nurturing, safe, and healthy learning environment for our children.
  • Invest in instructional technology and be prepared for a new era of teaching.